Karl Holzl, Owner
Right Brain Design Group

We’re a nimble, fast-turn, design agency that creates and communicates visually to engage in logo development, branding, web/social media development, illustration, packaging and more. We excel at same-day/next-day projects and design sprints. Our low overhead allows us to keep costs competitive while allocating more resources to creative tasks!
Our goal is to engage with great clients through creative and thoughtful collaboration to produce great work while bringing your marketing vision to life. 
At The Right Brain Design Group, we believe great graphic design is more than just creating pretty pictures. The process of transforming abstract ideas into a concrete and compelling visual message is combination of both art and science. Listening to our client with an open mind, understanding their needs and employing creative problem-solving techniques are key to building a powerful visual foundation that paves the way for our clients’ success.
In our 25 years of business we've kept pace with current design trends and employed the latest industry technology and creative software to optimize time and resources. We consider all aspects of a project, from it’s defined objective to shelf life, we strive to strike the perfect balance of value to return because not all clients have “steak and lobster” budgets.
Thoughts on AI
Artificial intelligence continues to make remarkable strides into graphic design and the creative industry, producing both amazing, and sometimes hilarious results. Text to image models are powerful tools we leverage to enhance the creative process while taking steps to ensure that we continue to steer the ship. It’s your story that matters. We should embrace technology, work with it, and understand it’s strengths and limitations, or it may indeed replace us. 
I look forward to helping you bring your product or service to life through great design.
Karl Holzl, Owner

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